The Hawaiʻi Workers Center has four main priorities for the 2023 Legislative Session, including:

  • One Fair Wage

This year two bills have moved forward relating to the tip credit in Hawaiʻi.

SB 125 sought to increase the tip credit to 20% of minimum wage, effectively lowering guaranteed wages for tipped workers. HWC is against increasing the tip credit and this bill was deferred in its first hearing on Wednesday, February 1st.

Update on bill progress: This bad bill was deferred in its first hearing.


SB 270 however, will phase out the tip credit if passed. HWC stands in full support of SB 270, though we support an immediate elimination of the tip credit rather than a phase out. SB 270 passed with amendments in its first hearing on Wednesday, February 1st.

Update on bill progress: On Wednesday, February 1st, SB 270 passed out of committee!


  • Paid Sick Leave

SB 342, relating to paid sick leave would guarantee paid sick leave for employees. 180,000 workers in Hawaiʻi lack access to paid sick leave, negatively impacting both the wellbeing of workers and public health. This bill has its first hearing on Monday, February 6th at 3:00 pm.

Update on bill progress: On Monday, February 6th, SB 242 passed out of committee!


  • Paid Family Leave

SB 360/ HB 236 relates to paid family leave and would establish a paid family leave insurance program by providing 16 weeks of paid family leave for all workers (public and private).

  • Mandatory Paid Breaks

Other Bills:

SB 111/HB 230:

HB 874 relating to collective bargaining for University of Hawaiʻi graduate students. Academic Labor United has been fighting for the right to collective bargaining, and HB 874 has passed out of committee, which gets them one step closer!

Graduate students at the University of Hawaiʻi deserve a seat at the table, and to be treated with dignity.

SB 814 relating to electronic information technology accessibility for person with limited English proficiency.


HB 1202 relating to paid sick leave.