Organizing and Leadership Building

  • Organize a worker’s associations based on their immediate needs and concerns.
  • Reach out to migrants, immigrants, low-wage workers, and victims of labor trafficking and aid them in getting legal advice and assistance.
  • Identify and develop workers as leaders in helping to unionize work places.


  • Conduct workshops for unorganized workers and victims of labor trafficking on workers’ rights and laws that protect and help workers, and address abuse, discrimination, harassment, wage theft and other issues.
  • When possible and requested, provide educational services toward improving literacy, the writing resumes, completing applications, and understanding work-related documents.


  • Work with church, labor and community organizations on positive campaigns to benefit working people at the City and/or County councils and State Legislature on issues such as living wage, affordable housing, and health care.
  • Conduct Legal Clinics conducted by volunteer attorneys and educators.

Volunteer Program

  • Recruit and develop volunteers to assist the work and mission of the Center

Referral Services

  • Establish and operate Referral Services for low-income and affordable housing, assistance to homeless individuals, workers compensation, unemployment insurance benefits, and other beneficial programs.
  • Establish a statewide hot-line for emergency or urgent advice and other needs of workers.